Saturday, November 1, 2014

2014 September

Gma and Gpa Maxfield come for a quick visit in our new home...
709 N. Joshua Tree Ln.
Just 4 houses down from our old house.  Mirror image of our old house.  
We love being in the same neighborhood!!
Yummy meals and fun chats with Gma and Gpa!!!

Jacob and his Scout troop at Fossil Springs

Jacob and Summer
The 2 nite owls laughing and chatting.  Their nightly ritual.  
I love that our kidos are such good friends.

Andy and Joshua
Books are the best, especially when you can discuss them with a dad who knows EVERYTHING.
Love spending time with this man on his days off.

2014 August- 1st Days & Summer's 17th Bday

Jacob 8th grade at Highland Junior High School

Joshua 6th grade at Carol Rae Elementary

Kate 5th grade at Highland Park Elementary

Summer Senior Year at Highland High School
And where is Taylor you might ask?  He started a new school- Sophmore year at Heritage Academy Gateway.  Leaves at 6:15a.m.  Too early, for this mom.  But trust me... he's looking tall and handsome!
Summer's 17th birthday!!!
 Yes our Summer girl is 17!!! We ate homemade pizza, went to see "How to Train Your Dragon 2", and finished the evening off with homemade ice cream cake. 
Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!
And Happy 19th Anniversary to Andy and me!!! August 19th is always a special day for our family.

2014 August- Cardon Family Reunion San Clemente California

The Cardon Family
We spent 5 Amazing days with the Cardon family (minus Andy who we missed terribly!) in San Clemente, CA.  We walked to the beach, played at the beach, swam, ate, played in the grass, stayed up late, and slept in.  It was so beautiful and so relaxing.  I had so much fun with my siblings, parents, and nieces, and nephews.  It was the 2nd road trip for me and Summer.  It was the perfect time with my kidos before the new school year started.
Jacob and Braeden
Joshua and Rachael
Joshua LOVED boogie boarding!!!
Kate, Julia, Braeden, Drew

Summer and Gma Cardon 
Sunburn Boogie Board Taylor Man
Rachael, Becky, Gma Cardon, William, Summer
Kate, Addison, Andrew, Brynn, Michelle
Alexis, Kate, Jacob
Becky, Andrew, Rachael, Christin, Emily, Scott
Love My Siblings!!!!
Becky, Rachael, Andrew, Dad, Mom, Christin, Emily, Scott

Jacob, Kate, Peyton, Hailey, Taylor, Alexis
Hailey, Peyton, Emily
Gma Cardon 
Gpa Cardon with Dean, Julia, Alexis, Drew
Doing Flips!!!
Braeden, Joshua, Peyton, Kate, Alexi, Drew, Taylor, Hailey, Michelle, Jacob
Sunset by Summer

Jacob, Summer, Steve, Rachael, Joshua, Taylor, Kate
Steve and Rachael
"Hans and Frans"
Megan, Scott, London
(Jacob and Kate loved babysitting him every night while the adults stayed up late chatting.)
Taylor, Braeden, Addison
Andrew and Michelle's Family


Let's Do It Again SOON!!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

2014 July- 4th of July, Princess Festival, Birthdays, and Utah

The 4th of July was a hot one!
Fun swimming and BBQ at the Smith's house.
You know we gotta do the fireworks no matter how hot it is.

Wanna-be-a-Wizard Jacob

Kate 10th Bday Candy Party!

Candy games, Candy necklaces, Decorating cupcakes with Candy.
It was Yummy!!!

Kate and all her sugar high friends!

Summer's dream came true!
She got to be a STAR for a week at the community Princess Festival!
She loved it! She did amazing! 
Joshua and Kate her biggest fans.

Summer and her group put on a skit multiple times a day.
It was a great experience for her and she made a lot of new friends!!!

Taylor's 15th Birthday at the YC's Mongolian Grill.
Celebrating before we head off for another family summer trip.

The man requested rhubarb pie for his birthday treat.
Definitely a Cardon trait.

We decided to take a quick trip to Utah for a week.
We were so sad Andy couldn't make it with us- WORK.
But I was so grateful Summer can drive.
Her first road trip at the wheel.  She did awesome!
We had so much fun spending time with cousins, Gma and Gpa Maxfield, and of course the Mnts.
The weather was absolutely gorgeous.  Lots of hikes and walks.
We met up with old friends from the University of Utah days.
It went by so fast, but we had a whirlwind of fun!!!
I love spending time with my kids!!!
Aunt Maureen's was our first stop.

Kate got to celebrate her birthday in Provo at Brick Oven, a water park, and a BBQ with the McDonald's and Gma and Gpa Maxfield.

Taylor and Gma Maxfield